Corona from a different point of view: 6 things that we can also see positively

Corona from a different point of view: 6 things that we can also see positively

Now the corona virus pandemic fear is taking off! Schools and universities are closed, events are canceled, entire areas are declared a restricted zone. There is also fear and uncertainty. How can it be that I write an article about the positive sides of the virus? Am I crazy?

Of course, I am aware that we are currently in a state of emergency. It's not really pleasant, no, it's tragic too! Because the virus has already claimed many lives and my sincere sympathy belongs to them and all their families.

Nevertheless, I would like to bring a new perspective on the  Corona virus outbreak today. Not to question the seriousness of the situation, but to offer additional starting points and perspectives in order to cope with the crisis in a positive way. Because a medal always has two sides, as is well known. And that is why, while we see suffering, we can also see the good things.

For this purpose, I interviewed numerous friends and colleagues, collected various voices from the Internet and read some interesting articles on the topic.

I present my synthesis to you here:

1) We learn self-care and charity

You have never washed your hands as thoroughly as these days, right? Maybe you take care of your body, your immune system much better than usual? Eat healthier, strengthen yourself in the fresh air? Corona is learning active self-care and self-responsibility. We learn to support our health and to take care of our bodies. Maybe to draw boundaries and not to do things that could harm us or others. We look at ourselves and our loved ones and put up with a lot to protect. All of this is self-love and charity - and it's nice that we show it!

2) We can learn to grow beyond our fears

Corona offers the perfect stage to experience different fears. What does Corona trigger in you? Is it the fear of death? The fear of starvation? From lack of freedom? Before losing control? Impotence? All of these are very real fears, real in the sense that they exist in us, often unnoticed for a long time, until something comes up that tickles you awake. I also had a decent panic attack recently and when I coughed lightly, I thought I had to die now. That was "scary", but also showed me where I just can't let go completely and trust. And I am very grateful for this self-knowledge!

Corona teaches us to accept our mortality and thus to completely redesign our relationship with the world and nature. With more humility, with more trust and dedication. Everything is not under our control. And it probably never was. We wake up from our pseudo-security, which is purely external.

What we can now learn is to gain inner stability. Finding security and security in ourselves. We can grow beyond our fears and turn to the strength within us. Do you lose yourself in panic or do you stay in the middle? Do you cramp yourself or do you keep your heart open? Are you freaking out or are you breathing calmly? Corona is the master examination for personal crisis resilience! I'm also working on it at full speed 😉

3) We focus on the essentials

Wow, it has never been so contemplative for Christmas! Within a few days we drastically reduced public life and downshifted a few gears. We get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, out of the hamster wheel, out of the eternal pursuit of more. Many activities have suddenly become obsolete or simply appear to be void. We have made health and life a top priority, even the economy is now subordinate.

We experience deceleration and suddenly have time to think about what is really important to us or what we want to do with our time. No more distractions. Full focus on life in the here and now! Isn't that nice? Not even consumption is itching anymore. Well, instead of the hamster wheel, there are now hamster purchases, but even they focus on the essentials: hygiene articles instead of luxury articles. Eating instead of fashion. Nobody should be blamed for this.

4) Mother Earth can take a deep breath and a break

The anti-corona measures and the associated behavior changes have had more positive ecological effects in just a few weeks than the entire climate protection movement has been able to do in recent decades. Less travel, fewer flights mean less CO2 emissions. Less industry and less economic performance also mean less fine dust pollution. NASA's pictures speak for themselves. Clean air thanks to Corona - sounds paradoxical, but it is true! The Forbes explains in more detail that the corona lock-down could save more lives through reduced air pollution than through the reduction of infections.

It remains to be seen whether, in addition to our atmosphere, the wild animals will also benefit from Corona in the future. China has strict bans on wildlife trafficking - a big step in the right direction! With the help of intensive educational work, it must now be possible to curb a shift to the black market.

5) The call for resilient & local economic structures is getting louder

Corona makes us radically aware of one thing: in a globalized world in which everything is networked, nothing can be viewed in isolation. Everything that happens in China affects me here too. And vice versa. Global dependencies have become massive, making the system vulnerable and prone to disruptions. A shock like Corona shows how precarious a globalized economy is, on which many of us depend. And we can currently see how fast the downward slide can go with the share prices.

However, we know that smaller, regional economic cycles are far more resilient and crisis-proof. Corona can be an invitation to build such structures. For example, in the form of food in the form of community gardens, food coops, community supported agriculture, etc. Or in other areas through the expansion of self-sufficient energy systems, the promotion of neighborhood aid, clothing exchange circles, etc.

We can gain so much! Not only more stability in the economic system, but also more quality of life: because solidarity and sensible experience make us demonstrably happier than chasing money and working for any consumer goods.

6) We find out what is going on if you only want to

For me, Corona has proven: Where there is a will, there is a way. Respectively: If we have to, then we can! Suddenly, measures to contain potential dangers are easy and go wonderfully quickly. Today the crisis team meets, tomorrow the solutions will be on the plate. Congratulations!

And the population also plays along really well. One wonders what does Corona have that climate change does not have? Anyway - what we have at least seen now is that we can do it if we want to! We now know that people can change. We now know that society can work together towards a goal and implement appropriate measures. We now know that it is okay if the economy is not the first priority. And all of this is a very important social experience!


For me personally, Corona is both horror and opportunity. While we are doing everything, we can to curb widespread dissemination and suffering, a unique window of opportunity is opening that we can and should use not only in terms of prevention, but also in terms of profound social change.

Because how stupid would we be to return to business as usual after the recovery? How stupid would we be to not use this to reverse the trend? We have long known that infinite growth does not work on a finite planet. When will we finally start adapting our systems to this milkmaid calculation?

We are now at the point where we really have to make the all-important choice:

Let us return to a business-as-usual, to the old, familiar world, in which globalized systems ruin our health and our livelihoods OR we decide for new economic systems and life models, which we know only little, but in which the fundamental framework conditions exist for the regeneration of global ecosystems and for a good life for everyone?

With all due respect for the suffering it causes, Corona is also an opportunity and a call to break new ground, build up regenerative cultures, close regional economic cycles and create framework conditions that promote life instead of boycotting it!

Let's claim that! Let’s not give in there! Let’s go boldly there! Let us create new, happier forms of life and being for all of us and Mother Earth!

Together, we will do it!

 Much Love & Light







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