Shipping Cost unfair 144 year old agreement Universal Postal Union (UPU) treaty with China

What Is ePacket Shipping?

Now there’s one thing that we haven’t discussed yet and that is shipping costs. Shouldn’t shipping from China cost an arm and a leg?

This is where ePacket shipping comes into play.

Because of a 144 year old agreement called the Universal Postal Union (UPU) treaty, companies in China can ship small packages directly to consumers in the United States at ridiculously low rates which are way lower than any American company.

For example, shipping a small package to Fairfax, Virginia, from North Carolina costs $1.94. But shipping a package from Shanghai, China to Virginia only costs $1.12.

Yes. You read that correctly.

It only costs $1.12 to ship a parcel from China to the US!!!!

Just for fun, I pulled up the USPS website to check how much it would cost to ship a very light package to China from California and here’s what I found.

To ship a mouth guard to China would cost me $23.50! But to ship from China to California only costs a Chinese vendor less than $2!

This huge shipping cost discrepancy is what allows Chinese based sellers and all those drop-shippers as for example  AliExpress drop-shipping to be a viable business.

 American Sellers/ Crafters / Artists can not compete with such unfair shipping prices.


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