The Making of a Bronze Pendant with FastFire BRONZclay

Making a Bronze Amulet -Thor's Hammer -

If you ever wondered how I make all those metal clay pendants, here is a short description of  the Thor's Hammer amulet with a gemstone setting. I have taken some pictures during the process. It actually takes 2 -3 days to finish the product.

Well first I sculptured with FastFire Bronzclay the basic form, after the first drying I made with bezel wire the setting for the gemstone and carvings. Some parts are added with a syringe of bronze clay paste. After that step it has to dry again - I use candle warmer to speed up the drying process.

Once the pendant is bone dry, I start sanding it to make it nice and smooth. After sanding and refining the pendant I let it air-dry for about 12-24 hours to make 100% sure that it is thoroughly dry before firing the clay in the kiln, otherwise if moisture is still trapped inside, it could cause cracks during the firing process.


almost ready for the kiln


When complete dry the pendant is ready to be kiln fired.  The bronze clay pendant has to be fired in a stainless steel pan with a lid in layers of activated coal carbon (or coconut shell carbon) to prevent oxidation.  Depending on thickness of the clay, the FASTfire BRONZclay pendant get fired with 1550 F for 1-2 hours. (Original BRONZclay  fires 9 hours !!!!!) 

fire pankilnjust fired


After firing and cooling down time, I boil the pendant in pickle to remove all fire scale particles from the bronze.  I use citric acid solution with water as it is environment friendly and not toxic.

pickle bronze pendant

Almost, done, now the bronze get its final finish, polishing with the Dremel, and setting the rainbow moonstone in the pendant. The stone must be set afterwards as it can not resist those high temperatures.

polishing bronze


Tataaaaaa, ready to wear....

finished bronze pendant with stone setting


Bronze Metal Clay is an environmental friendly green product. Bronze Metal Clay is a medium consisting of very small particles of the metal bronze, mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads, and small sculptures.

After drying, carving and sanding the bronze clay will be fired with approx. 1550 degrees Fahrenheit  in a kiln. The binder burns away, leaving the sintered solid pure bronze.  

 You can purchase the Thor's Hammer necklace here:

Thor's Hammer Necklace

 You can buy BRONZclay here:

FastFire BRONZClay from Cooltools

 The difference between FASTfire BRONZclay and original BRONZclay

Original BRONZclay

  • Strongest bronze after firing
  • Easiest to carve when dry
  • Stronger wet clay
  • Smoothest surface after firing
  • Shrinkage is about 20% from wet clay

FASTfire BRONZclay

  • Easier to make joints
  • Fastest firing schedule
  • More yellow color after firing
  • Easy to file and drill after firing
  • Shrinkage less than 10% from wet clay



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