Canadian Dragon Skin Ammolite Necklace With Welo Opal And Diopside

Canadian Dragon Skin Ammolite Necklace With Welo Opal And Diopside

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Very bright and spectacular Canadian Ammolite (dragon skin, snakeskin) with a brilliant display of iridescent vivid red, orange, green, yellow play of colors necklace, combined with a sparkling welo opal and natural green diopside crystal.

This crystal healing pendant necklace is set in polymer clay and comes with a  suede leather cord nicely packed in a pretty gift box.

  • The pendant is approx.  8.5 cm ( 3.5" inch) long and 5 cm ( 2" inch) wide. 1 cm (0.5" inch)  thick. The necklace  is approx. 18 inch/22 long (45.72 cm). 


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AMMOLITE (Alberta/Canada)

Ammolite is only those extracted from the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta, Canada that boast the captivating, iridescent colors mirroring the brilliance and flashing dance of the Northern Lights. 

A powerful karmic cleanser, it releases mental obsessions. Ammolite is said to radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also said to grant miracles. Ammolite is excellent as a tool for deep meditation.

Ammolite is also used mystically for general good health, stamina and high energy. Feng Shui followers believe Ammolite has the power to detoxify the body and improve overall well being by improving the body’s flow if energy.  Feng Shui  practitioners believe  that each different color of Ammolite influences the wearer differently.

Traditionally, Ammolite is placed over the Light Activation Point (the energy centre just above the third-eye) or worn as a pendant over the higher-heart, to support its greatest potential of weaving the threads of awakened wisdom through every level of being.

Within our holographic universe each of us are fractals of the whole, thus as we individually embrace our highest potential, we are the highest frequencies of light, love and illumination for all of creation to do the same.

Blackfoot Indians first discovered Ammolite in an area bordering the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They called it 'iniskim' (I-nis'kim) or buffalo stone. Blackfoot Legends tell the story of a particularly harsh winter. The buffalo had disappeared and the tribe was starving. A young wife of a Blackfoot brave ventured out in the deep snow to search for firewood. She heard beautiful singing and followed the song to discover an Ammolite stone under a cottonwood tree.

A spirit told her the stone was powerful medicine, a talisman to the buffalo and that she should take it back to her people. The woman brought the Ammolite back to the camp of her tribe. The Blackfoot held a buffalo ceremony and the next morning a large herd was spotted by the camp.

Ever since that time the Blackfoot has kept Ammolite in a medicine bundle wrapped in buffalo hide and used it for their hunting ceremonies.

They reveal their presence by chirping like a bird and are associated with abundance, good luck, and healing.


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