Handcrafted Clay Crystal Pendant Necklace with Labradorite and Green Peridot Gemstone

Pendant Necklace with Labradorite and Green Peridot Gemstone

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One of a kind handcrafted clay pendant with a flashy green golden Labradorite gemstone, a faceted natural green Peridot crystal and two small tigers eye gemstones.

  • The brass chain necklace is 18-inch/ 45.72 cm long and has a large lobster clasp
  • The pendant measures approx. 2.5 inch/6 cm wide, 2 inch/5 cm long, 0.5 inch/ 1 cm thick


CosmicDeva's jewelry is hand crafted with great care in her studio in the USA.

Jewelry Designs and Artwork are protected by both Copyright and Intellectual Property © 2017 CosmicDeva


INFO:  I try to be as accurate as possible with my product photos and descriptions. Pictures of products are taking under day light conditions without flashlight.

Please note that colors might vary slightly from one Computer/ mobile phone monitor to another. Crystals are a natural product and their colors can appear different under different light situations. If you don't know a particular crystal/gemstone you might google pictures of it to get a better understanding. If you are unsure about a product or if you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me before purchase.



There are centuries-old Inuit tribe legends that reference labradorite rock and are at the heart of labradorite meaning. According to legend, the "Mighty Being" hit the iridescent mineral rock with his fist to initiate travel into the sky. Labradorite was called "firestone" and "fire rock" by the native people. It was also used by Boethuk people in Labrador and Newfoundland prior to 1770. Labradorite stones were believed to contain elements of the Northern Lights which were the source of the iridescent labradorite color. This belief is at the core of labradorite meaning.

Labradorite meaning is deeply rooted in the labradorite stone's use as a "Stone of Magic." This iridescent mineral rock has been greatly valued by diviners, healers and shamans throughout the ages. The vivid labradorescence revealed beneath the gray or black labradorite surface represents deeper, hidden realms beneath the everyday world. These "seen" and "unseen" elements define the root of labradorite meaning.




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