Purple Black Stichtite Gemstone With Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Pendant

Purple Black Stichtite Gemstone With Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Pendant

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Purple black stichtite gemstone pendant with black tourmaline. This pendant is set in durable clay and comes with adjustable leather cord and gift box.

  • The pendant measures approx. 5 cm (2 inch) long and  2 cm (1 inch) wide
  • The suede leather cord is approx. 48 cm ( 19 inch) long, can be extended with the simple chain and lobster clasp to 54 cm (21 inch) length.


STICHTITE (Tasmania)

Stichtite was discovered in Tasmania, Australia, in 1891 and recognized as a new mineral species in 1914.  It is named in honor of Australian mine manager Robert Carl Sticht.  Stichtite is a rare mineral with only 14 known localities worldwide.

Stichtite connects one with the vibrations of love, forgiveness, and spiritual illumination.

Stichtite protects  from negativity. It is a stone of forgiveness, allowing one to see and experience both sides of emotional issues, facilitating understanding and compassion for ourselves, and for those who may have hurt us in the past. Stichtite’s vibrations help one experience the magical opportunity of a deeper Love that come with forgiveness. Stichtite serves us to soften our attitudes and create flexibility in our relationships.

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