What is a Mandala ?

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What is a Mandala?

Mandala painting

The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning "circle." Even though it may be dominated by squares or triangles, a mandala has a concentric structure. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony.

The meanings of individual mandalas is usually different and unique to each mandala. The goal of the mandala is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it symbolizes cosmic and psychic order.

Mandalas have been used by lots of cultures. From Buddhism to Hinduism, Aboriginal to Hopi...even ancient alchemy - to be sure, mandalas have served mankind for centuries.

The famous Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung, employed the mandala in his work with clients. He felt when concentrated upon  deeper human consciousness became elevated to an extend the conscious was able to receive revelation about the true potential and wholeness of the self.



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